Monday, August 6, 2012

Settling In

Where has the Michel Spot been over the last few weeks? Working on home projects and trying to settle in.

Our biggest home project has been to build a fence. We are so blessed to have THREE sets of parents that are willing to help us out when we need them, and everyone pitched in to get our fence built! Oma and Dooda came over and with Dooda's extensive fence building experience, we set 34 posts in concrete in just under 4 hours (in 108 degree heat). Then they came over the next week and helped us put the 2x4 stringers up between each panel -- we finished when the rain began pouring down on us. And, of course, we couldn't have accomplished all of that work if Grammie and Papa didn't come over to watch Locke. A week later, BoomPa and BoomMa came up to help us with the next step and over two days, we put 470 pickets up on the fence. And BOY does the fence look good. :) We love being able to just let the dogs out the backdoor with no worries again. And Ledger loves going into the backyard on his own all the time.  Because we were working so hard, I didn't do a good job of snapping pictures of us working.  Here are a few pictures courtesy of Millie.

We also spent last week trying to furiously soak up the last few. days of summer.  The kids and I walked to the park to play a little bit.  Although they both enjoyed the stroller ride more than the actual playground...

We have also survived our first minor household crisis this weekend when our deep freeze door was accidentally left cracked open overnight.  In order to salvage some of our meat, we had to immediately start cooking.  We browned about 10 pounds of ground beef and cooked 15 packages of chicken breasts.  And to keep the frozen cookie dough from going bad, I made 8 dozen cookies on top of that!  It was a crazy Saturday morning, but we are SET for pre-cooked proteins for a while. :)

We are really starting to settle into our new home -- projects, crisis, and all that craziness.

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  1. Just look at all the things you guys have accomplished over the last 5 months, beginning with the birth of your second son. You should just be so darn proud of yourselves, your little family and your new home. We are so happy for you guys and love you dearly! Thank you, KJ, for taking the time to post whenever you can. I'm sure the rest of your family agrees with me that we just like to read it whenever you can post it. :)