Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ledger Rides a Bike

Ledger is finally interested in learning to ride a bike.  He now has enough strength to push the pedals and propel a bike all by himself.  Once he really gets off and going, we'll have to invest in a sturdy helmet (and elbow and knee pads?) when we can't keep up with him anymore.  We really love that our new neighborhood has sidewalks where he can learn away from traffic.  There are lots of other kids in the neighborhood too and I'm hoping we will find some friends for Ledger around here.

So proud!

Daddy says: "Ledger, you're doing it!"

They rode all the way to the end of the block and back!


  1. Way to go Ledger!! We are so proud of you! We love you, BoomPa and BoomMa

  2. Awesome job!!! Auntie advice , start wearing helmet ASAP or it gets hard making them because they know they didn't have to once. Even start at 6 months with Locke, the earlier the better! Helmet fight is no fun. Skip the pads, that is the fun of being young. Cool scars! Bike riding with neighborhood kids is the highlight of our boys night around here. Well except with the dirt pile tonight. Bring his bike when you come visit us!!!!!!

  3. Papa and I can't believe that Ledger is already riding his bike. When did he grown up so fast? We are so proud of you, Ledger James. Love you!