Sunday, September 30, 2012

KSU v. OU -- A family divided

This weekend we went to the big KSU v. OU game in Norman.  We used the game as an excuse to have a fun family outing with the Perkins and Powell families.  BoomPa and BoomMa use the game as an excuse to deck their grandkids out in Sooner gear.  (Seriously, aren't these kids adorable?!)  After a few minor debacles (construction on the interstate on the way to the game, confusion about our seats, and a toddler who couldn't decide where he should sit...) we were all able to enjoy the game and watch the Wildcats pull out a fantastic win in Oklahoma!  Luckily, we are gracious winners. :)
Ledger wearing his "good luck" OU socks.

Locke in the pouch.

Mommy kangaroo and "joey" Locke.

Perkins' wildcats.  Everyone loved Kinley in this cheerleader outfit!
Sooner fans were super nice.

A table divided...

BoomMa, BoomPa, and BoomBoy.

Mille, Locke, and I at the top of Sooner stadium after climbing the 49 ramps to get into the upper deck.

Locke enjoying the band from way above.

How cute is this onesie with the little tie??

The day after the game... everyone is still friends and still smiling.

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  1. What a special weekend you had with your family.