Thursday, March 28, 2013

Locke: One Year Old!!

It's hard to believe, but Locke is ONE YEAR OLD!!  He is 24 pounds (40th%) and 28.5" (10th%) and wearing size 12 month to 18 month clothes.  Locke is still very mobile, but not walking.  He is crawling everywhere and pulls himself up onto every available object.  He is usually very happy and loves to clap and give high fives.  He waves whenever we say "bye, bye" -- he has two unique waves, the full hand pivoting at the wrist (we call it the "beauty pageant" wave) and where he holds his hand still but waves just his thumb.  We love this special little quirk.  Locke has 6 teeth although the 6th tooth is just barely peeked through the gum.  He is no longer breastfeeding at all, but takes the bottle really well.  We are also slowly starting him on a sippy cup and regular milk.  So far, we've seen no symptoms that suggest he is plagued with any of the food allergies that Ledger had.  Locke is talking all the time and I call him my little mockingbird because he will mimic anything that we say and do.  He started blowing kisses, singing, and constantly verbalizing -- although it's hard to make out anything specific that he "says".  We are pretty sure he hasn't said "mama" yet though. :)

Locke was really blessed to celebrate his birthday THREE times and in three different states! :)  On his actual birthday, we celebrated while on our Spring Break vacation to Port Aransas, TX.  It was special to have my cousins Amber and Valerie with their families, my Mom and Buddy, and Great Grammie and Tommy all together to enjoy dinner and cake on his birthday.  Locke really enjoyed his blue cake frosting!

Our second celebration was in Oklahoma with BoomMa and BoomPa.  BoomMa got him an ice cream cake.  At first, he wasn't sure about the cold, but it didn't take too long for him to start to digging into the ice cream.  He loved it!

Our third celebration happened here at home with Grammie and Papa Michel.  Unfortunately, I didn't get out the camera for that one.  Locke really liked the whipped cream topping on his apple spice cupcake. :)

We sure do love this kid.  He's just so funny and happy and he gives the BEST baby hugs.  We are so happy to be a family of four. :)

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