Friday, March 29, 2013

Texas Vacation - Arrival

We packed our van and headed out of town on Friday afternoon and made it to Ft. Worth by midnight.  A quick stay at a hotel to recharge and we were back on the road by 9 a.m. the next morning.  Surprisingly, the kids did pretty good in the car.  We had to stop at least once an hour to pee or eat or change a diaper or whatever... which made for slow travels.  Let's just say we saw a lot of rural Texas gas stations.
But we finally made it to Port A by 4 p.m.  I was surprised by the amount of traffic in Aransas Pass and even more shocked at the parking lot of cars waiting to get on the ferry.  Ledger was so excited to get a "boat ride" and I was hoping we might get to catch a glimpse of the bay dolphins.  We were pretty lucky -- the dolphins were jumping about 20 yards off the side of the boat!  So cool.  Our first 10 minutes of arrival involved a boat ride (on the ferry) and spotting wild dolphins!!
On the ferry...

... looking for dolphins...

After a 30 minute wait to get on the ferry and then another 30 minutes to drive through 6 miles of standstill traffic to our resort.  When we pulled in, the parking attendant told us that it was the last day of spring break for Texas and assured us that the crowds would disperse by the next day.  We were just happy to get checked-in and finally see Oma and Doodah.  Our condo really took us by surprise -- it was just SO nice.  3 bedrooms with a big living room and kitchen with a beautiful balcony view of the ocean.  

So we've been driving for hours and we finally arrive... what do we do?  Hit the beach of course!!  You have to take this long boardwalk over the sand dunes to get to the beautiful beach and ocean.  Locke loved the sand and Ledger immediately pulled out his shovel and started digging.

After a really long day, we ate a home-cooked meal at the condo and everyone crashed early.  Ready for day 3...

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