Thursday, October 31, 2013

2013 Halloween

We had a great Halloween this year!

We picked out pumpkins....

 We carved pumpkins.  Ledger even enjoyed getting his hands dirty and helped me clean out the guts and seeds of each pumpkin.  Chris created a fantastic Ninja Turtle pumpkin and I managed to carve a couple of goofy-faced Jack-O-Lanterns.

We made pumpkin seeds, and Ledger helped a lot!

Ledger's preschool Halloween party was the day before Halloween.  He enjoyed wearing his Ninja Turtle costume.  (His favorite turtle is Raphael, who wears red, but he decided to let his brother wear that costume so he is wearing Leonardo's blue costume.)  I was mildly amused that there were two K-State cheerleaders, two K-State football players, and two matching princesses in the bunch.

On Halloween day, he decided to dress up as Buzz Lightyear.  This wasn't a costume we bought for Halloween... one of our friends gave it to us to play dress-up with and Ledge wanted to wear it to Grandma Jamie's house.  OK, no problem.  And look how cute he is!!!

Later that night, the whole family dressed up as Ninja Turtles to trick-or-treat together.  We figure this may be one of the last years we can dictate what costumes the kids wear, so we elected to dress up as a group and had a great time!  :)

Towards the end of the night, we met up with Tracy, Pete, and Faith Workman.  Ledger really wanted to do the door-to-door stuff with Faith.  She is a great "big kid" cousin and I think both kids had a really great time teaming up to trick or treat!

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