Sunday, November 24, 2013

Chiefs v. Chargers

Since we were already in KC for Kinley's 2nd birthday party, we bought tickets to meet Jaime and Brett to watch our KC Chiefs play the San Diego Chargers.  The Chiefs are having a great year and were 9-1 coming into this game... the best record the Chiefs have had in a very long time.  Unfortunately, the gameday forecast called for a kickoff temperature of 12 degrees.  That's not a typo -- TWELVE.  So we decided not to bring the kids, eventhough we had tickets for them.  Oma and Doodah kindly offered to bring them home with them instead.  The game was great and we especially enjoyed watching it with Jaime and Brett.  There were multiple lead-changes and in the end, the Chargers pulled off a last minute touchdown to defeat our Chiefs.  Boo.  And Brrrrrr....

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