Saturday, January 25, 2014

Disney Jr. LIVE

Last night we drove to Wichita and took the boys to see Disney Jr. LIVE.  It was the Pirate and Princess Adventure show.  Doc McStuffins was the pre-show and she is Ledger's favorite.  Then Mickey and Minnie introduced the show and the first half was all Sophia the First with special appearance by Cinderella.  The boys like the princess part, but were really just waiting for the PIRATES!  At Intermission, we went to the concourse to check out the merchandise.  Grammie Pam gave the boys $20 each to spend on something special at the show.  Ledger picked out a glowing Jake and the Neverland Pirates sword, so of course we had to get them the same thing ($27 each!!!).  Geez.  I guess those prices are a preview of what Disney World will be like in May.  Oh well.  After intermission, it was Jake and the Neverland Pirates show with Captain Hook and Peter Pan.  By the end of the show, Ledger was dancing in the aisles, so the show was totally worth it.  Locke especially liked seeing Mickey Mouse.  Overall, it was a fun family outing and our kids are just the right age to enjoy it! :)
Doc McStuffins

Sofia and Cinderella

Ledger with his sword

Pirate Locke

Mickey and Minnie - Locke's fav

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