Sunday, February 9, 2014

Family Update

The last few weeks haven't been particularly busy with special events, but we've managed to keep ourselves busy.  So let me give a quick update in pictures...

At the beginning of February, we received 12" of snow.  We spent some time outside playing in the snow and digging out our driveway.  It resulted in 2 "snow days" where we all (yes, even me!) got to stay home and enjoy some family time.

The 2013 Fantasy Football trophy finally made it's way to Mom's hands.  Hooray for the 2013 CHAMP!

Snow days were full of watching videos and munching on snacks.  We treat them like a holiday! :)

The boys LOVED the Super Bowl halftime performance and danced on the couch through the whole thing!

Mom had her first roller derby bout of the 2014 season.  The Sirens barely eeked out a win against the CKRG roller girls.  Dr. Blockapuss played well and enjoyed getting to play in a new venue -- the Bicentennial Center!

Alright, that brings us mostly up-to-date.  I hope your family is staying warm and enjoying these slower winter days.

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  1. We love seeing your updates and we thank you for it! BoomPa and BoomMa miss and love you all!