Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Where Did February Go?

The end of February is upon us and it has truly flown by.  Chris has been busy at work, but is also completing his final semester of graduate school (including preparing for board exams) and has been working especially hard at his 100 days of exercise challenge.  He has been such a good inspiration for us all.  Ledger and Locke have been real troopers through a difficult couple of weeks.  Grandma Jamie has been out of town for a family emergency and so our child care situation has been changing from day-to-day.  Luckily, they have been rolling with the changes pretty well.  I had a bout of terrible stomach flu right after Valentine's Day and it took me nearly a week to fully recover.  I have been very busy at work but also trying to balance roller derby with planning a 40th anniversary party for Pam & Steve!  So that's been our month, and I expect that March is going to be even crazier!

Ledger helping us work out!

My Valentine's Day presents from my boys -- Mickey Mouse earrings and pendant!

Getting outside when weather allows!

Since the weather hasn't allowed too much outdoor play, Ledger has started really enjoying drawing!

Bonding time!

Brotherly Love.

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  1. Thanks for the February update, KJ. I love reading about all the things you guys are doing even though you live right here in Salina. :) Thanks for the photos, too. Always love seeing our little family!