Thursday, May 14, 2009

Life at home

Our first night at home was sleepless, as expected. Ledger wanted to feed every 2-hours overnight and after his feedings, was wide awake! We are going to have to work on figuring out our schedules. :)

Ledger had his "newborn" check-up today with Dr. Ratliff. He is down 1/2 ounce from the time we left the hospital -- I feel really good about his weight, considering what a traumatic day he had yesterday! The doctor said that he is looking good and that his lungs sound really good -- yay!

We are still trying to figure out breast feeding. Ledger is very good at telling us when he's hungry! We are changing a lot of dirty diapers -- which is normal and tells us that he's eating enough to keep himself hydrated.

Jayce and Barkley came home today. They are doing great with the baby so far. Barkley wants to lick him and Jayce is busy sniffing everything that smells like the baby. Neither dogs seem overly concerned about Ledger being here. Maybe all of those talks we had with them actually worked! I will try to post pictures of Ledger with the pets soon. :)

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