Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend at the Lake

This holiday weekend was a big one for Ledger!

On Friday, he took his first boat ride. Oma and Papa took us all out on their new boat! Ledger had to wear an infant-sized life jacket that is bigger than he is! As you can see from the photo, he didn't love the over-sized life jacket and he slept through most of his first boat ride -- not too bad for 2 and 1/2 weeks old!

Aunt Emily and Uncle Josh were able to spend the weekend at the lake too! Auntie Em loves to hold Ledger, and he seems to like her too. We had lots of family out for the holiday weekend -- everyone thought Ledger was pretty cute. He was always in someone's arms. What a spoiled baby. :)

The big boys took the opportunity to get out on the lake and wakeboard for the first time in 2009. Daddy got a new wakeboard this season that is made to fit bigger feet -- this was the first weekend that he was able to break it in! This was also the first time that we were able to use the new boat and tower to tow a boarder -- very cool. All of the boys were very sore from their efforts, but everyone did really well -- picking up right where they left off last summer. Daddy got right up on his new board and was able to get in and out of both wakes. Ethan and Randy both boarded as well, and did great! Uncle Josh figured out how to jump complete wake-to-wake -- something he's been trying to master for 2 summers!

All-in-all, we had a great time at the lake and are looking forward to many more great summer weekends spent out on the water. Hopefully Mommy will be off of "exercise restriction" soon, so she can join in on the fun!

For more pictures and videos of the fun, visit my Picasa photo page.

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