Monday, May 18, 2009

What I do best -- sleep, eat, and poop!

Look at this sweet face! It's hard to believe that this adorable little angel has been the cause of so much lost sleep lately -- especially when sleeping is what he does best! Ledger is a great sleeper, but only when he's being held. As soon as he's put down in his basinet, crib, or bouncy chair he wakes right up and starts fussing. This has made it awfully hard for mommy to get any sleep at nights! Last night, I finally broke down and fell asleep holding him in bed. Although I got a lot more sleep, it makes me so nervous!

During our stay in the hospital, we were kept on a very strict feeding and weighing schedule. Now that we're at home, mommy is always nervous about how much I'm eating, how much weight I'm gaining, and how many dirty diapers I'm producing. Ledger is eating very well right now and keeping himself on a fairly regular 3-hour schedule. Our next doctor's appointment is Thursday of this week -- we are anxious to see how much I've grown!

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