Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ledger's First Birthday - The Party

This weekend, we had Ledger's FIRST birthday party!!  We limited the guest list to our parents and sisters to try not to overwhelm the kid... but I think it was probably a little overwhelming anyways.  We served a taco bar (in honor of Ledger's Cinco de Mayo birthday) and a yellow hypoallergenic birthday cake with applesauce icing.  We really loved having our family together.  We are so truly blessed to have a group of wonderful people who love our son so much.  It's easier to SHOW instead of TELL about the party... so here is the photo biopic:

Ledger was not sure about wearing this hat.

This firetruck was the first present he opened and he LOVED it.

Ledger loves to rip the packages open!

The party blowers were a favorite!

This picture was taken from Ledger's view.  No wonder he was a little overwhelmed!


  1. Oh that poor baby, He looks frightened! Lol I loved the picture from his viewpoint. Im so glad he has so many family members close by to know and love. That is a big PRO for being close to home. Thanks for sharing. The video was great. Wish we could be there sooooo much. Now, don't forget to blog on mommy. It was your day today too. :)
    Love you!
    PS. Great signing Emily ;)

  2. HAH! No, there won't be a Mommy blog. Mommy has been working hard to stay out of pictures as much as possible!

  3. Yep, I know it isn't often that my vocals grace the pages of our blogs... :) Would do it again in a heartbeat for any of my beautiful nephews! Love you both!

  4. Great post Kendell! Boompa and Boomma stayed out of the photos better then you! Keep blogging Mommy Michel, we appreciate it so much! We had a wonderful time and can't wait to see Ledger on his ATV soon you!

  5. The pictures from the little man's first party are great! Loved the one from Ledger's viewpoint! And KJ, you NEED to be in more of the photos - after all, you are the mommy! It was great to celebrate with all of you - love you!