Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Night Away

Tonight I am mobile blogging from our hotel room in Lawrence.  We made the trip for the wedding of one of Chris' closest childhood friends.  The wedding ceremony was short and sweet, which was good for us because Ledger didn't want to stay still and silent very long.  The reception was in the same awesome venue as the wedding (Liberty Hall) and the transition was well choreographed.   The bride and groom had a nice finger food spread, and a very fun photo booth.  We had a nice time at the wedding and truly wish Josh and Amanda all the best.
Josh (the groom) with Chris after the ceremony.
Grandpa, Grammie, and Ledger at the wedding.
Now, despite being a devoted K-State Wildcat, I've always enjoyed the town of Lawrence... just not the collegiate affiliation.  Our hotel is on Mass St, which is the heart of he downtown scene here.  We couldn't resist throwing the kid in the stroller and soaking up some of the local culture.  This really is a cool little town with LOTS of local shops (not a ton of chain stores), bars, and restaurants.  There were people eating dinner and drinking coffee on the patios and street musicians on every corner.  We stopped in a few bookshops, but mostly just walked around.  It was really enjoyable.  Ledger even stayed awake and cooperative until almost 9pm!  Now we just have to hope that we didn't screw up his schedule too mug and he will sleep well all through the night.

After a looong week, we needed this little getaway.  I hope you are all enjoying your weekends too!

On Sunday, we woke up and spent the morning enjoying our amazing hotel room at the Eldridge (thanks Grammie and Grandpa).  Ledger got to eat Cheerios in bed, something he is not allowed to do at home! :)

We finally made it out of bed and headed back out on the town.  We met the newlyweds out on the street and they recommended we eat Mexican at El Mez Cal -- which we readily agreed to!  We met Emily and Josh for lunch and REALLY enjoyed getting a chance to hang out with them, even if it was just for a few hours.  (Sure wish they lived closer...)  To see pictures of the lunch and a really, REALLY cute video of Ledger, go to the Perkspot blog.  After lunch, we stumbled upon the "Arts in the Park" festival (which is really lucky since it only happens one day a year!) and we all enjoyed browsing the arts and crafts exhibits and listening to the music.  The weather was beautiful.  I would have spent the whole afternoon there if we had more time.  All-in-all, this was a really good, relaxing weekend.  This week will be busy for the Michel family as we celebrate Ledger's FIRST BIRTHDAY on Wednesday and then we are having family over on Saturday for an afternoon birthday celebration!  So you have more blog posts to look forward to!


  1. Always nice to get away for a weekend. Even though I'm not too fond of Lawrence either, I do really enoy the downtown area, especially on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon when there is a lot of "culture" around.

  2. I secretly love the town of Lawrence too!!! Always a K-stater though.

  3. We're glad you enjoyed your weekend! Good luck on your cake selection for Ledger...Happy Birthday Ledger, a day early! Love, Boompa and Boomma

  4. I love the cheerios and Ledger in bed. What fun!