Friday, April 30, 2010

Our Little Swede

Tonight we went to eat at one of Daddy's favorite Mexican restaurants: Jalisco in Lindsborg.  Since we traveled all the way down to "the Borg" to enjoy our meal, we decided to take some pictures of our little blonde-haired, blue-eyed Sweedish baby with the Dala horses in Lindsborg.  Maybe we'll have to do this every year near his birthday.  It would be neat to compare the years as he grows! :)


  1. Seriously? SERIOUSLY!!! Your throwing me under the bus because I have not got to one blog. Come on? I comment on almost EVERY blog. In fact I have some pretty darn cute videos and about 5 blogs with no comments from Auntie Kendell since April 5th. Well actually I don't get many comments at all until I stop blogging for a while and then Emily catches me. Im going to let this one slide. He is adorable and I am running out of ways to say how stinking cute your little man is. I will come up with some crazy ways. Im off to find that past blog and comment. Love, your #1 commenter.
    Those are some stinking cute pictures on the Dala Horse.

  2. PS I LOVE these videos and pictures! I LOVE all of the videos and pictures that my sisters post about my adorable nephews! I do not EVER comment because I will get in trouble at work! Also, I rarely get on the computer when I am home in the evenings on the weeknights. But I did love the videos and the pictures of his Swedish connection!

  3. I luv, luv, luv the photos of the little Swedish man on the Dala Horses - that's a super idea to take some each year. He is the cutest little Swede ever! :)