Monday, April 26, 2010

200 Posts!

This is my 200th post on MichelSpot.  Considering that I just started blogging with Ledger's arrival last year, that means that I am averaging 1 blog every 1.8 days.  Woah!  I hope you all have enjoyed reading along with us and watching Ledger grow and change. 

Next week, he will turn 1.  Today we received his first birthday present in the mail from the Guy family.  Ledger really enjoyed opening it... as you can see.

We can't believe how big he has gotten.  When he's dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, he looks so grown up.  But at night, when he's in his jammies... he looks like our cute little baby.  Isn't he just adorable??


  1. YAY! 200. Now I expect 400 by this time next year :) I love that you blog a lot. It is what makes me get going on my blog because I love watching Ledger and your family grow, the way I know you love watching ours grow...and grow...AND GROW. Tell Ledger that I look forward to spoiling him way more than that little gift with love and cousins when we get there in June. Fun, FUN FUN Times ahead.

  2. You can see the happiness on that little face while he's tearing the paper! Did he enjoy what was inside as much? :) Ah, youth! He is just the sweetest baby ever - and yes, he does look all grown up in his jeans and T-shirt! I'm selfish - I want him to stay a baby just a little longer! And even though I live here, I want to see those posts continue. I love 'em!