Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another tooth... and other news.

It's official -- Tooth #5 is here. Click on the picture above and you can see it peeking out of the gums just to the side of his front two incisors. It looks like his 6th tooth is on it's way already -- should be his left upper 2nd incisor. Chris already calls him Chompers! ;)

In other baby news, Ledger is doing GREAT with his sleep training.  After going through his bedtime routine (bath, jammies, nurse, rock) I lay him down in his crib where he cries for 2-3 minutes before totally wiping out.  AND he typically sleeps AT LEAST about 7 hours at a time... sometimes more!  It's really amazing.  Thank you to everyone for being so supportive as we struggled to really tackle this problem.

We also had the speech therapist visit us this week to check-in on Ledger's progress with food texture aversion.  We though he had been doing very well... and she agreed!  We are finally able to squeeze in a few fruits and vegetables that we previously couldn't get him to eat.  He even ate some small chunks of an apple yesterday!  Since he was diagnosed with food allergies, we have had trouble coming up with foods that are appropriate and healthy for him to eat.  Being able to add fruits and veggies will help us out a lot!
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