Monday, March 8, 2010

Allergy Answers

After weeks of watching Ledger cough, sneeze, snot, and break-out in random itchy rashes, we finally got Ledger in to see an allergist.  Dr. Radford agreed that Ledger could definitely be having some allergies and decided to do some skin testing for common infant allergens.  At every "dot" that was drawn on his back, the technician used a very small lancet to break the skin and apply a teeny bit of diluted allergen.  After 15 minutes, the spots were evaluated to determine if his body produced an allergic reaction to that specific allergen.  As it turns out... Ledger tested positive for allergies to: COW'S MILK, EGGS, CORN, and SOYBEAN.  He showed no allergic reaction to dogs or cats (thank goodness!).

He has been put on a number of medications and we will re-visit the doctor in a month.  In the meantime, we are trying to figure out a way to change his diet in order to avoid these really common allergens.  Typically, when kids are allergic to milk, they are taken off of regular formula and put on soy-based formula... but in our case, Ledger is allergic to soy too.  We did find a "hypo-allergenic" formula that we are going to try, but we are also going to try to switch him back to a primarily breast-milk diet.  He loves cheese, but that is going to have to stop.  It looks like we've got a "meat-and-potatoes" baby on our hands!

Stay tuned as we start this challenging new journey.  Thanks to family and friends for being so supportive!  Hopefully we can make some minor changes and get Ledger feeling much better soon!


  1. Oh man. Poor Ledge. Im so sorry. Im glad it was not cat/dog too. We really do have a lot of friends with kids who have food allergies and they said it helped change everyones eating habits in the house for the better. They had to read ingredients more and make fresh foods. They also all said there kids grew out of it between 3-4 years. Im hoping all the best for you guys. Thank goodness no allergies to fruits and veggies too! Love you guys. Your a wonderful mom and dad. Keep up the good work. There are many people that don't even try to figure out why they are stuffy in the first place. You are on top of things.

  2. At least now you know what is going on with Ledger so you can ease his discomfort. Way to go Mommy Michel!

  3. Now you know that what you suspected was correct. I feel bad for Ledger, though. As a person with multiple food allergies, I know how sick they can make you feel. You both love that baby so much - I know you'll find out quickly what foods he can tolerate!