Monday, March 22, 2010

Pittsburg Visit

This past weekend, we visited Aunt Jaime and Uncle Chris Vanderbeck in Pittsburg, KS.  We had a great time shopping and hanging out with them on Friday night in Joplin.  It's been a really long time since we've just "shopped around" in a mall.... it was actually fun.  We even managed to do it without busting our budget! :)  Although we enjoyed the 70 degree weather on Friday, it didn't last long.

In true Kansas-weather fashion, a cold front sped into the area and the temperature dropped below freezing and dumped around 6 inches of snow in the area.  On Saturday, we swam in the hotel pool.  Ledger held on TIGHT to Daddy and Uncle Chris as they swam him around.  Mommy photographed the fun from the comfort of the hot tub. ;) See pictures below.  Then we ate ate WAY too much Mexican food at Del Rio and did some more shopping around town.  Grammie and Grandpa Michel braved the terrible weather to join us in Pittsburg that evening.  We went out to eat at the FAMOUS Chicken Annie's, which recently won the "Food Wars" on Travel Channel.  The evening ended with a family game of cards and an excellent K-State Wildcat NCAA tourney win to put them into the Sweet 16!  Woohoo!!

Sunday morning, we took advantage of having grandparents to babysit.  Ledger stayed with Grammie and Grandpa so that Chris and I could spend some quality time unwinding in the hot tub!  It is SO nice to have some Mommy and Daddy time on occasion.  The 2-lane highway that we took home from Pittsburg had large patches of frozen slush, making the drive home challenging.  But we made it.

Thanks to Jaime, Chris V., Pam, and Steve for a wonderful weekend.  It was a great little escape!

 (Ledger swam so long that his feet became very wrinkled.)


  1. Of course, why would the weather cooperate? He looks so very happy being in the water, those little feet all wrinkled just proves how much he enjoyed it!

  2. We actually ate at the world famous Chicken MARY'S! Easy mistake though! Annie's was the first chicken restaurant in Pittsburg and then along came Mary's! :) That's our favorite, too! And I'm glad we braved the snow and ice to be with all our family! It was GREAT!!!