Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Diarrhea Cha-Cha-Cha

Somehow, I have gotten this far into being a parent and DIDN'T know all of the craziness that comes with a little diarrhea.  Somehow, Ledger has developed this crazy diarrhea over the last two days.  And guess what comes with diarrhea?!  TERRIBLE, horrible diaper rash.  And tons of dirty diapers.  And a baby who screams every time you change their diaper because the baby wipes hurt their sensitive little behinds.  And a baby who doesn't want to SIT on their bottoms anymore.


  1. You forgot to mention our pets who also have diarrhea at the same exact time, and is pooping all over the place....gezzzz.

  2. Oh no. That really sucks. Ronan gets such bad diaper rash from fruit that we have a stock of medicated ointment. It was the only thing that really worked. We spent a fortune on triDerma, mustela and non of them worked. In fact Buedro. Butt paste burnt his butt even more. So sorry poor Ledge and parents. The joys of parenting you never hear about. Baths, naked time (which is so hard with diarrhea). Lots of hugs and kisses. We miss you so much.

  3. Awww poor little guy! That can't be any fun for anybody involved! I hope he gets to feeling better very very soon : )