Monday, March 1, 2010

Girls and Baby Boys

This weekend I made a special trip to Manhattan to have some quality time with my BFF, Ann.  In veterinary school, we spent every day together at school, at the rec center, studying, doing whatever.  Although we talk on the phone a lot, it's not the same as having some solid "girl time" together.  Now that we're both mommies (and she has another one on the way!), we had Mommy and Baby Boy time.  No Daddies invited.  Ann's son, Brody, is 20 months old and SO BIG!  He was very good with Ledger and shared his toys like a champ!  After dinner, we went to the KSU vs. Mizzou men's basketball game and both of our boys did very well.  Ledger was amazed at all of the people and wasn't phased by the noise at all.  It was fun for me to be back in Wildcat land... even if only for a little while.

Here are some pictures of the boys together:

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  1. Tell Ann Brody is a cutie!! Ledger of course is adorable. Have I mentioned that he looks like a Marine with that hair? lol That is how the Marines get their hair cut. Too funny.