Friday, March 5, 2010

10 Months Old

Ledger is 10 months old today!  (Geez, we're going to have to think of birthday party ideas soon!)  Here is what has happened in Ledger's world this month:
  • Ledger has started taking steps!
  • Ledger went on his first ski trip... even though he's not quite ready to start skiing yet.
  • Ledger says DADA, MAMA, and CAT.  And lots of other stuff we can't understand yet.
  • Our favorite play things are dog toys, socks, and electrical cords.
  • He has found himself a "lovey" -- a stuffed dog named "Buddy".  He likes to hold on to Buddy's ears and rub his eyes with them.

  • Ledger is eating more and more solid table foods -- adding rice, shrimp, pasta, oyster crackers, and potato soup to his list of favorites.  Occasionally we can slip in some lettuce and carrots too.  He still does not like fruit!


  1. Wow! I can't believe the 1 year is almost here. I love all the smiles. I love smiley babies!!! KISS KISS, HUG HUGS from your Auntie

  2. What precious photos of our 10 month old. I adore the one with his lovey! He is so CUTE! And I still think that hair is strawberry-blonde! :)