Thursday, June 24, 2010

Colorado Vacation -- Day 4

Today started off a little rough -- my laptop slipped off my lap while I was trying to balance baby and computer and it CRACKED MY SCREEN!!  I am so mad!  So I am blogging from Chris' laptop and trying to load pictures onto his computer, but it's slow and I can't upload to picasaweb from here.  Please bear with me!

Today we hit the incredible Cheyenne Mountain Zoo here in Colorado Springs.  Despite a few minor setbacks (like I completely forgot our stroller - so we rented- and I forgot sunscreen - so we borrowed from cousin Kim) we had a really cool day.  I was most looking forward to getting to feed the giraffes and to let Ledger see it too.  Unfortunately, he didn't love the giraffes.  In fact, they kinda scared him.  Oh well, we'll try again next time we're here. :)  He did like spending time with cousin Connor and being passed from person to person to see all of the exhibits.  At the end of our day, we too the "Sky Ride" which is basically a ski lift that takes you over the whole zoo to a viewing platform that overlooks the Colorado Springs area.  I was a little nervous to take Ledger up there, but he fell asleep halfway up, which made it quite a bit easier!  :)  He really has been such a good boy this week!


  1. As always, great photos! I love the shots where Ledger looks or is asleep...I'm envious of the cat naps he takes! What a trooper he is! Such long days for a little guy. Sorry to hear about the laptop, but at least "the family" has two to get you by for now. Love you guys!

  2. that I'm more awake, I do know you are down to one laptop! Too little sleep last night!

  3. Loved the zoo, but I will NEVER go on a ski lift again! :( I'm glad Ledger slept through most of it! Wow!