Friday, June 25, 2010

Colorado Vacation - Day 5 & 6

Since I've been working with a borrowed laptop, my blogging has been sub-standard.  I apologize!  We have been busy running around the Colorado Springs area.  Thursday, we had a morning outing to Manitou Springs.  We walked around the old downtown area and window-shopped.  We posed for our annual "Old Tyme" photo with Jaime and I dressed as Southern Belles and Chris, Chris, and Ledger dressed as northern soldiers.  It was actually a pretty good picture. :)  We also took some family pictures on the old town stairs.  They didn't turn out quite as well as I would have liked.  But here they are:

We also had a girls-only shopping afternoon with Pam, Jaime, Kim and myself.  Pam bought us all new Vera Bradley purses -- I really like my new one! (Thanks, Pam!).  On Friday, we went to Garden of the Gods this morning to take a few pictures.  It was pretty crowded and Ledger was ready for his morning nap, so we cut it short.  We spent the afternoon at the Citadel mall and managed to escape with most of our money in tact.  This evening, we drove around town with the windows down and enjoyed the 75 degree weather.  That's right -- SEVENTY FIVE DEGREES!! :)  We're going to try to enjoy our next few days and just sorta relax a little bit before we make the trek home.


  1. cute pictures! Everyone looks very happy and I love hear all the great places CS has to offer.

  2. I thought the stone step pictures turned out great! Thanks to my family for taking those for me. I love 'em!