Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

This weekend, we celebrated Memorial Day at Lake Kanopolis with the Perkins' and Hensleys.  Ledger had a particularly big weekend where he had his FIRST beach experience, FIRST hair cut, and learned to drink from a straw, and tried lots of new foods. Friday and Saturday were beautiful days with lots of sunshine.  Even Mommy got a little tan! ;)  Ledger went down to the beach on Saturday.  He was unsure about the sand, but would scoop up a handful of it and refuse to open his hand to let it go.  He liked the water, as long as he could touch.  He did not like our little floaty device when his feet weren't on the ground.  The water was COLD, but Ledger kept wanting to wade in a little deeper! :)
     On Sunday, the weather turned cloudy and cold, but we still enjoyed every minute of it.  Chris and Josh were the family heroes for braving the cold water and doing the first wakeboarding of the season.  Both boys got up on their first try and seemed to pick up right where they left off last summer.  We were a little nervous about Josh overcoming his collarbone break, but he did great -- even landed a 180 wake jump!  We took over 500 pictures of the weekend, but I managed to edit them down for our online photo album, which you can view here.  The best-of-the-best are posted below.  I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend as much as we did!

You can actually see all 6 dogs in this picture with Ledger in the middle.  He did a wonderful job at carefully navigating around all of the wagging tails all weekend long.

Ledger wants to do what everyone else is doing... so he was particularly obsessed with aunt Emily's cards.

Josh in the middle of his 180 turn flip.


  1. We had a blast! Can't wait for River Fest and Hawaii! Wish we lived closer so I could watch that little man grow up!

  2. Fun! Where are the pictures of Papa Dooda? Jonas wants to see his papa.

  3. Loved seeing Ledger in his beach gear! Six dogs and one little boy - what could be better? :)