Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Skiing in Kansas?

This weekend we planned to meet the Powells and the Perkins' in Kansas City and take Chris on a snow skiing adventure at Snow Creek in Weston, MO.  We hit the slopes on a beautiful Friday afternoon.  I've been skiing since I was a kid and I am really hopeful that we can teach Ledger on future family vacations.  Chris has been skiing once before, but it ended abruptly with a concussion.  He reluctantly agreed to try again, as long as he could wear a helmet.

We started very slowly and took our time practicing on the beginner hill.  But before long, we were in line to use the rope tow and head up the bunny slope.  Chris did a great job!  After a strong start, we decided to give our legs a break and see how Ledger was doing in the lodge (my family took turns sitting in the lodge with him).

Before we had a chance to hit the slopes again, we found out that Josh was injured on the mountain and being attended to by the Ski Patrol.  After a tense half hour, the ski patrol used a toboggan to get him off of the mountain and after another half hour, he was diagnosed with a broken collarbone and placed in a splint to be taken to the hospital.  I took video of him being brought down the mountain, but I promised Emily that I would let her post it on her blog.  At the hospital, the x-rays confirmed that his collar bone was broken in 2 places.  I'm hopeful that Emily will post a picture of the x-ray on her blog.  He was put in a shoulder stabilizer and given some really good pain medicine!

So our skiing day was cut unexpectedly short, but I am so proud of Chris for getting back on the mountain and trying to learn a new sport.  He did very well and he says he would be willing to try it again!

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  1. Aw Man. That sucks for poor Josh, but Im jealous you all got to ski. Even if it was just Snow Creek. Im glad Chris enjoys skiing and did well. We have great Ski Resorts here and only a couple hours from Whistler (home of the 2010 Olympics) if you would like to ski out here. Hint Hint. Emily has not posted the video yet, so I think you should give her one week and if she doesn't get it up by then, Post it! We are anxiously waiting to see :) love you!