Thursday, February 11, 2010

9 Months -- Better Late Than Never

Last week, Ledger turned 9 months old.  He is VERY mobile now and always on the move, which makes getting pictures of him sitting still on the couch nearly impossible.  I know that the one above is not very good, but it's the only one that you can see him SITTING in front of his sign.  I've included a collage at the bottom of this post that has all of the pictures of him with his "9 months" sign.  Next time I won't try to take these photos by myself. :)

In Ledger's 9th month, he...
  • ...weighs 19 pounds and 13 ounces.  Pretty good weight gain for being so sick.
  • ...cut his 3rd tooth -- his right upper incisor.  Everyone agrees that he looks kinda funny with 3 teeth.
  • really SICK -- fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and (we suspect) Roseola.  It was a sleepless few nights in the Michel household.
  • ...perfected the art of crawling everywhere, very, very fast.  Mommy and Daddy are having trouble keeping up with him!
  • ...swallowed a foreign object.  And then puked it up.
  • ...still is not sleeping through the night or eating from a spoon.  Go figure.
Here is the collage for this 9 month pictures.


  1. This kid is so fast, but I still love him :)

  2. Oh just wait Mr. Michel...Walk/Running. Everything and anything that the head can hit needs to be covered really soon :) He is getting so big. I want to kiss them cheeks so bad!!!