Monday, February 1, 2010

He Ate WHAT?

On Saturday, Ledger vomited and threw up THIS mystery item.  In the photo below, it is a red "worm-like" piece of fabric that I'm holding on a burp rag.

After much debate, discussion, and detective work, we decided that it was a piece of yarn that was a "fluff" on top of his red stocking hat.  Somehow he got it off of the hat and actually SWALLOWED it.  Geez.


  1. Oh Mommy get ready. Wait until you pull yarn from their butt or start poking through poo wondering what the heck they ate. Then again your a Vet and you know how that goes.
    Yesterday Ronan was choking on a gatorade cap that he pulled out of the trash. Seriously I don't know how we all survived. lol Glad it came back up. I love his face. He looks like he is a little surprised yet proud.

  2. To me it looks like Ledger didn't want you to find out what he has been up to and wonders if you know about the other things he has gotten into... The bigger kids have told him about "timeout" and that sounds like a real bummer!

  3. lol. That is funny Millie. Oops, mom found out.