Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Freezer Cooking Success

Today I cooked my butt off again and made 13 meals plus proteins for 4 or 5 other meals.  I also made a February meal plan that involves us eating from the freezer pretty much every day that we'll be home.  I'm very proud of my efforts so far.

I have pictures of today's cooking day and want to blog all about it, but I am typing this from my phone because my laptop power cord fell victim to a 9-month-old who grabs everything! So I hope you  will all bear with me this week as my blogs will be on hold until my new cord arrives.

UPDATE: I've been stealing Chris' computer and using my work laptop to get on the internet a little bit.  Hopefully, Chris will loan me his laptop tonight so that I can post about the weekend.  And I also wanted to wish BoomMa a Happy Birthday from the whole Michel clan! :)

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