Friday, January 8, 2010

Video Evidence

After posting Ledger's crawling video this week, I have received requests for more video posts.  So I took these this morning...

This video is proof that Ledger can pull himself up without any assistance.  He is just learning how to manipulate our soft ottoman to stand on it.  He is a pro on anything hard, like our end tables or his jumparoo.

Here is a video of Ledger clapping his hands, which he thinks is really funny.

Hope you've enjoyed the videos.  I will make sure I post a few more of them in the future.  Here is a funny picture of Ledger with his tongue out.  He's been doing this a lot lately, and Chris says he's "Michael Jordaning It".  :)

One more picture -- although this is a FAMILY blog, I don't think I've posted much about our furry kids.  Here is a cute picture of the dogs from this morning.  Jayce has her paw on top of Barkley (who is badly in need of a haircut!)


  1. I LOVE VIDEOS!!!!! Thank you so much. That made my day. SOOO BIG!

  2. I luv these little videos - can you make them any longer??? The little noise that Ledger makes when he finally pulls himself up is adorable! Grandpa & Grammie are SOOOO proud of him! :)