Wednesday, January 6, 2010

8 Months Old

I can hardly believe that Ledger is finally 8 months old.  Typically I post his 8 month pictures and update ON his actual birth-anniversary, but I thought him finally learning to crawl deserved a post all by itself.

This month, Ledger...

  • ...weighs 18.9 pounds... just barely under 19!
  • ...has learned to clap, hammer, sit up from laying down, pull himself up to a standing position, and, CRAWL! :)
  • ...has started vocalizing more and using consonant sounds such as "ba" and "ma"
  • sick for the first time (pink eye and a little cold)
  • ...attended his first dance party (Oma and Papa Hensley's 20th Anniversary Bash) and celebrated his first Christmas and New Year
  • wearing 9 month clothing and anything that says 6-9 months is pretty much too small
  • eating more and more foods on his own, but still refuses to take food from a spoon!
  • ...still is not sleeping through the night (*sigh*) but we are currently working on a few theories to remedy this problem
Thank you to our family and friends who continue to check our blog and comment regularly.  We hope you are continuing to enjoy watching Ledger's progress!


    1. SOooo Handsome. I love seeing all his pictures. Thanks

    2. Time flies, doesn't it?! We do appreciate all your efforts to keep this blog going, Kendell! Thanks so very, Boom-ma and Boom-pa
      PS Now if Ledger will add "Boom" in front of the "pa" and "ma" sounds and give his folks a good night's sleep!!

    3. Good grief Brandy was up late! Well, I guess it was probably only 10:05 pm there... Anyway, we are super looking forward to seeing you guys next week. Don't forget that we will be there on the 13th in the evening and leaving on the 14th. We will be back on the 18th to pick up the muts! We love you!

    4. He is still the most handsome, wonderful baby that ever was! Thanks for keeping us updated! We love you all 6! :)