Friday, January 8, 2010

Wiping Noses is SO Much Worse than Wiping Butts

Earlier this week, I posted about our completely failed attempt to CRY IT OUT in order to get Ledger to sleep better at night.  I really appreciate all of you who commented with support or advice.  Unfortunately, the day following that disastrous night, Ledger was politely asked to leave child care because he couldn't be more than a few feet away from the babysitter without screaming his head off -- which is a problem when the other babies need occasional attention too or are trying to sleep.  Plus, that sort of behavior is really out of the ordinary for him, so she was worried he wasn't feeling well.  Anyways... that prompted us to go to the doctor the next morning to make sure he didn't have an ear infection or was teething or something.  But no.  He got a clean bill o health.

By that night, Ledger's nose was running all evening.  I didn't want to just lay him down and let him scream when he was already really congested, so he slept with me.  I woke up covered in snot.  Sexy.  School got canceled yesterday on account of the icy roads and wind chills of negative 15 degrees, so Chris stayed home with Ledger.  Ledger developed a cough and continued to be congested all day. 

Mommy and Daddy still aren't over their little colds either -- actually Mommy's cough seems to be getting worse.  So everyone in the house is sick.  Daddy is taking Dayquil or Nyquil to make him feel better, but Mommy is breastfeeding and can't take much medicine, and Ledger spits out anything we give him (even the bubblegum flavored benadryl and yummy grape tylenol!)

So Ledger is in quarantine.  I feel helpless because he won't take the medicine but it is obvious he continues to feel pretty terrible.  He's not running a fever, but with snot dripping down his nose and the deep, wet cough he has, I don't think he's going to child care today either.  He's been sleeping with me to make him feel more comfortable -- so that has probably put us 5 steps backwards in his sleep training.  Overall, this whole "sick" thing really sucks.

Here are some cute pictures of Ledger, to make up for this long boring post.


  1. I've seen more come out of a hose :)

  2. I thought he may be getting sick and the signs had not shown yet. When both my boys got Roseola I took them in and they could not find anything wrong, but I knew they were not being themselves. Then they had 103 temp for 3 days and a rash broke out. They were fine by time we saw symptoms, but Im just saying.....when boys are sick they are like our men, need A LOT of attention. Just saying. lol
    Hope he feels better soon and things get back to normal. Little noses helps, but they HATE IT! Humidifier REALLY helps too. Have him sleep propped up a little if his congestion is keeping him up. Jonas and Ronan are both snotty right now and I chase them around the house with the bulb syringe sucking it out every chance I can.

  3. Just remember what our doc told us - Ledger doesn't know that he will feel better soon. So they can be pretty cranky if they don't feel good. It will pass pretty soon! In the meantime, just hang in there! :)