Sunday, January 24, 2010

Freezer Cooking - First Strike Out

This week we tried the Chicken Au Gratin and ended up throwing the whole thing away.  It was mushy and tasteless.  I will admit that there may have been some error on the chef's part -- it forced me to make my own chicken broth and I think that it was more watery than it was supposed to be.  And when we cooked it in the oven, we had to add 10 minutes to the directed cook time and it wouldn't crisp up the topping, so it ended up having a limp cream-of-wheat topping on it instead of the crisp bread crumb type topping.  So we probably won't be making this one in the future. ;)  If someone else has better luck with this recipe, please let me know.

Here is our meal plan for this week:
Monday - Crock Pot Beef
Tuesday - financial class @ Heartland
Wednesday -Baked Chicken and Rice
Thursday - Manicotti
Friday - ???

I don't have to work Friday afternoon, so I am hoping to brown hamburger and cook some chicken to prep for my next OAMC day.  We are planning on going to Manhattan on Saturday to watch a bull-riding competition.  I am hoping to do another freezer cooking day on Sunday.

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  1. Better luck next time! We all have had disappointments in cooking...keep trying...this sounds like such a great program for working mothers/wives! Love you, Millie