Sunday, February 14, 2010

Big Boy!

Ledger is definitely growing into a BIG boy.  He is using his lion walker/rider to learn to walk and balance on his own.  Here is a video of the boy moving around on his own:

And in BIG news, Ledger has started accepting a spoon.  It's just baby food he refuses to eat.  Just last week, our pediatrician recommended that we visit with an occupational therapist to try to acclimate him to eating from a spoon.  But after a little experimenting today, we realize that he would take a spoon, if it had the right food on it.  Here is a video of Daddy feeding Ledger some Mexican rice on a a spoon.

 I mentioned last week that Ledger offiically has his THIRD tooth.  Well, now he also has his FOURTH tooth.  I tried to get a picture of those upper incisors, but they're tricky.  Here's the best photo I got.  You can definitely see his upper right incisor, but his little peeking left incisor is a little hidden. :)

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