Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Maui Day 5 -- Ziplining, Parasailing, and Sunset Photography

The Powells and Perkins' scheduled the Ka'anapali ziplining adventure for their 5th day on the island.  Since Chris and I ziplined on our last visit, we chose not to do it again (for budgetary reasons).  Instead, Chris scheduled an "early bird" parasail trip.  Neither one of us could agree on his designated "flight" time, so we called in the morning to confirm.  When we called at 8:15 a.m., they told us that his "flight" was at 9 a.m. and he was supposed to check-in by 8:30!  Yikes!  We quickly got ourselves put together and hurried to the beach.  Chris barely made it on time.  I had to park in a parking garage way up the beach and speed-walk to the launching site.  I arrived just before Chris got on the boat to go out.  I wanted to ride with him, but the company charges $30 just to ride in the boat... so I stayed ashore.

During the hour Chris was gone, I hunted for sea glass on the beach.  I thought that I would be lucky to just find one piece, but I actually found quite a stash -- including one white piece that is about half the size of a playing card!  Finding sea glass is like finding a little treasure.  I had to wade into the ocean at the areas where the water was washing up medium to large sized rocks and search on the ground between waves to retrieve the pieces.  It's a challenge, but I really enjoyed my "treasure hunt"!
After Chris got off the boat, I met him on the beach excited to show him my sea glass treasures.  He was even more excited because he met a celebrity on his parasailing boat.  Patrick Warburton, who played "Putty" on Seinfeld, sat next to Chris on his boat and talked to him the entire time!!  We are big Seinfeld fans, so this was BIG news.  He also does a lot of voice work, including Kronk from Emperor's New Groove and is currently starring in the TV series called Rules of Engagement with David Spade.  If you still don't know who I'm talking about, check him out at Wikipedia.

While we were parasailing, hunting for sea glass, and meeting celebrities... the zipliners were having a grand ol' time.  I'm not going to post much about it so that Emily can blog all about it on her site: http://perksspot.blogspot.com/.  Suffice it to say that there is a video of Josh and a video of Dad that kept us all laughing for about half an hour. :)

That evening, we decided to eat dinner on the beach at Leilani's.  As the sun was setting, we went out to the beach and took pictures of each couple using the perfect sunset lighting.  I think the photographs turned out pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. :)  And it saved us $100 on having a professional do the same thing!  I tried to get a little artsy with some of the photos, and then I even had us and the Perkins' do a High School Musical-style jump.


  1. Very neat. We know him from the bad guy on Underdog, but he is currently on the show Rules of Engagement though. Arrested Development was an older show with Jason Bateman.
    I LOVE LOVE the pictures on the beach. They look very professional! Must have on your wall.

  2. Oh geez, you're right Brandy! I edited the page to change the TV show to Rules of Engagement.

  3. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing ~ makes me think I "might" be brave enough to go there someday!