Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Maui Day 6 -- Beach, Luau

As our last full day on Maui, the Powell's decided to go travelling the island to do some serious bead shopping to feed Millie's jewelry habit.  We decided to stay close to home and take in a little beach and relaxation time.  We started by looking for sea glass, but it was too close to high tide to have much luck finding anything good.  So instead, the boys decided to try boogie boarding.  While we were gathering our things to move to a more appropriate boogie boarding location, a huge wave came all the way to the top of the beach and washed all of our belongings into the ocean.  I grabbed my purse (containing camera, phone, and wallet) and Chris grabbed whatever was closest to him, but we ended up fishing some bathmats and a stray shoe out of the surf.  Unfortunately, the brand new, unused snorkel and mask we brought with us from home was swept away and so were my sunglasses.  A small sacrifice to the sea gods.  The boys tried, unsuccessfully, to boogie board for about 15 minutes.  When they couldn't figure it out, we decided to just head home.  Beach time was a bit of a bust.

We decided to do a bit of shopping in Lahaina before lunch.  We discovered the Maui Built brand that is only sold IN Maui -- not by phone or internet.  Of course the boys both were wanting some unique Maui Built gear, so we hit that store for more "souvenirs".  As we were leaving Lahaina, rock-n-roll legend CARLOS SANTANA crossed the road in front of our car!!!  We stared at him for a few minutes trying to decide if it was really him.  We decided to flip the car around and go back to find him.  We spotted him outside an art museum and sent Emily to track him down with her camera.  As you can see below... she found him.

We ate lunch at Maui Tacos riding the high of spotting a Rock-n-Roll Hall of Famer.  After lunch, we drove back through Lahaina a couple of times, just hoping to spot him again... but no luck. :)  We went back to the condo to prepare for our evening entertainment, the Old Lahaina Luau.  It is consistently listed as the best luau on Maui, so we were looking forward to it.  Pre-meal, there are arts and crafts demos and the unveiling of the pig that had been buried in the sand.  Drinks were free and very strong.  We were the last table to get through the buffet, but there was plenty of hot food.  Foods franged from traditional favorites like Kalua pork and poi, exotic foods like octopus and crazy clear long rice, and plain foods like glazed chicken and steak.  The food was good, although we mainly stuck to the "plain" stuff.  When the show started, it was more like a history lesson set to music.  It was educational and entertaining -- of course the hot guys in loin cloths and the scantily clad women shaking their hips were a crowd favorite! :)  Overall, I think the luau was outstanding and I'm glad we chose this one to attend as a family.

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  1. That was the same Luau Jeremy and I did. We loved it. We sat down on the floor by the stage. Everyone looks great!!!