Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer Fun

I know that lots of people take one look at our super pale white son and assume that he's never spent any time out in the sun.  But they are wrong.  Our kid loves the sun and the water.  Oma loves to take him swimming in great-Grammie's pool.  He loves to play in the hose and he wants to drive in his car as often as possible.  And now that he's walking (and running) he would prefer to hold your hand and do everything himself!! :)  So now that summer is winding down, here are some pictures of our summer fun this year!


  1. I love the "hot-rod" driver expression on Ledger's face! Just like Boom-pa! (Second photo from bottom.) This is one cool kid! Love you Ledger! Boom-ma

  2. Our kids live outside and are Lilly white too. Well except Jonas has the best tan this year even through all the sunscreen I lather them in. Cute whitey you have there :) wish he could swim with his cousins.