Thursday, November 10, 2011

Celebration of Family

Today we said goodbye to Grandma Young in a beautiful funeral service.  Grammie Pam sang a beautiful tribute at the end of the funeral that brought the whole congregation to tears.  Ledger was amazingly well behaved through the service and, as always, helped our family smile in tough times.  Although it was difficult, it was nice to catch up with family that we don't get to see often enough.

We already knew that we wouldn't be together this year for the holiday, but we were disappointed that we would miss out on this tradition.  Chris had the idea for us to do a family Thanksgiving dinner after the funeral service.  We didn't want to add any stress to an already stressful today, so Chris and I agreed to cook the entire dinner and host it at our house.  So we shopped on Monday for supplies and on Tuesday I cooked two turkeys, mashed potatoes, and prepped for a feast!  Who says you can't make a full Thanksgiving dinner in 1 day?!  On Wednesday, Chris whipped up a batch of turkey gravy and I finished up getting corn, turkey, bread, stuffing, and potatoes ready.  As amazing as it seems, when the family arrived for dinner, it was ready right away and we were relatively stress free!  Everyone loved sitting together as a family and eating a no-stress meal together.  After dinner, we were thoroughly entertained by Connor and Ledger playing tackle football in the living room and being rough-tough boys together.

In all of the excitement, I didn't take a single picture.  Not one.  But I can promise that it was a day to remember.  A day to celebrate the life of a wonderful matriarch by enjoying the family that she held together and remembering the holiday traditions she built for the clan.


  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate Chris' grandma life!

  2. Wow- good job Kendell! Grandma I'm sure was very proud to see you all together and remembering her.

  3. I just now am reading your post and it brought tears to my eyes once again. You and Christopher did the most amazing thing for our family and it was a beautiful tribute to my mom. I know she was so proud of her grandson that he thought of the idea himself. We said goodbye to Mom and then celebrated her life in the way she loved best ~ having a meal together as a family. Thank you Kendell and Christopher! I love you both so much!