Thursday, November 3, 2011

Meet the Baby...

Today we had our 18 week ultrasound.  The ultrasound tech took a ton of measurements and checked for any evidence of abnormalities and everything checked out normally.  Baby is measuring 19 weeks 5 days, which is just about right for our expected due date of March 27.  This baby is a real MOVER and wouldn't stop wiggling and re-positioning through the ultrasound session.  We got some really cool looks at the little arms waving and the little legs kicking.  As soon as we tried to take a video, the baby settled down a little bit -- but you can still see that baby wiggling.

And finally, we started looking for a money shot to give us a clue about the gender...

... and we got one.  It's a boy!  We are very excited that Ledger will have a brother to play with, but we have absolutely no ideas for a name yet!

This was a very good ultrasound experience.  Our tech was very informative and both Chris and I felt like the views that we got were really clear.  It was surprisingly easy to tell what we were looking at most of the time.

So... a quick update on my pregnancy.  We're at 19 weeks and I'm finally feeling more like myself.  My GI system is still not right, but I'm not nauseous all the time either!  YAY!  I have felt a few small movements from the baby, but nothing definitive.  The baby was dancing around on ultrasound today, so I'm sure in a few weeks I'll really be able to feel him dancing around in my belly!


  1. So exciting! I love those appointments! Im glad they could tell at only 18 weeks.

  2. Thanks for sharing all for a name, I'm sure you will come up with another winner name! It's great to hear you are feeling more yourself...Great news!

  3. WOW ~ how exciting to see some photos of our new grandchild. Thanks for posting. Glad that your appt went so well. Love you all!