Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning 2011

Today was an amazing Christmas day.  Ledger really gets Christmas this year and couldn't wait to see if Santa left him any presents under the tree!  As soon as he could drag his Daddy out of bed, we raced to the living room to see LOTS of presents under the tree and stockings filled for all of us!  Someone must've been very good this year!  I'll let the pictures tell the story of Ledger's Christmas morning...
Ledger got right into his stocking and started opening presents.

He wanted to make sure his Buzz Lightyear flashlight worked.

He's been wanting this Spiderman mask for months!

I made Ledger take a break from opening presents to take a picture.  He wasn't thrilled...

...but eventually we got a "smile" out of him.

Ledger's very own REAL vacuum.  Now when he's "helping" - he will actually be HELPING!

This Jack Sparrow figure was a big hit.  He couldn't wait to get him opened up!

Another instrument to add to our marching parade -- a saxophone.  Ledger calls it a "trumpet".

The grand finale present from Santa was a SNOWBOARD to play with just like Uncle Josh and Daddy use their wakeboards!

Even Jayce and Barkley got presents and enjoyed family time.
Christmas morning breakfast - homemade mini-cinnamon rolls.  (A recipe from Pinterest)

They were a BIG hit with the whole fam.
After a fun-filled Christmas morning, we had lunch with the Michel and Vanderbeck families.  Daddy's muscle relaxers had kicked into full gear and he could barely keep his eyes open, so he went home to nap while Mommy and Ledger went to celebrate with the Peterson family at the Mitchell's house.  After nap time, Daddy joined us at the Mitchell's house and we played ping-pong and Sequence and Ledger played tractor's with his cousin Ethan until way past bed time. :)

We had a wonderful Christmas this year and look forward to celebrating 2012 with another little-one to enjoy.

Merry Christmas from the Michel family!


  1. Awesome day! The real vacuum has been a great thing in our house. Merry Christmas!!!

  2. What a wonderful family time you guys had. You were making memories all day long!