Thursday, December 8, 2011

Santa Baby

Here is a quick Michel family update:  Things are going well for us.  After a busy Thanksgiving, we have settled back into our home routine and the last few weeks have been a nice laid-back pace.  We are trying to enjoy the reprieve... we know how busy (and fun!) the Christmas holiday is going to be!  Ledger enjoyed spending some time at Lynnda's house and loves playing with his big cousin-friends, Faith and Isaac.  We all enjoyed watching Ethan start his first varsity basketball game of the season.  I am in a good stage of pregnancy -- 6 months (24 weeks) pregnant and I feel great.  The baby is moving a lot and doctor says everything looks great so far.  Just after the New Year, we have a 3D sonogram and glucose testing scheduled.  We are excited to get another peek at our tiny baby boy.

And now to the main attraction!  Check out the Santa diapers that Ledger came home from child care wearing today.  When Daddy showed me, Ledger said "Surprise!"  LOL


  1. Too cute! I didn't know they made those...ha!
    I can't believe you are 6 mo. PG. Where has the time gone? Enjoy the quiet time as long as you can, the holidays are almost upon us. Hug the boom-boy for me!

  2. What a little poser he is! Grammie's smiling and that says a lot for right now! Thank you, Ledger, for helping that smile along! :)

  3. That is funny. I love the pose in the last picture. He is growing so fast.