Sunday, December 18, 2011

First Christmas of the Season

This weekend we drove to KC for our first Christmas celebration of the season with the Powell and Perkins families.  On Saturday morning, we woke up and stayed true to tradition by staying in our pajamas to eat breakfast (yummy breakfast wreath -- eggs, bacon, biscuits) before huddling around the Christmas tree.  Santa actually knew to deliver some stockings to the Perkins' house -- I think our DeeDee elf must've told him where he could find us.  Ledger got the honor of delivering the stockings to everyone this year, although he could hardly wait to open any of the stockings before they got to their recipients.

Ledger got a lot of cool stuff in his stocking, including a few movies and a train whistle.  Kinley got to open her first stocking, too.  The highlight of her stocking was a Wubby -- a beanie horse connected to a pacifier. She fell in love with it right away.

He couldn't quite get this train whistle figured out.
He would put his mouth to it and just make the train whistle sound himself.  :)

Spiderman toothbrush.  Ledger had to do shoot webs from his hands.

Kinley didn't seem so excited about Mortimer the Moose.

Kinley really loved her Wubby.
We all really enjoyed opening our Christmas presents this year.  Chris and I got new phones.  If you've tried to call us in the last few weeks, you probably know that our phones were dying respectable deaths.  Of course, this leaves us a lot of "tinkering" to do over the next few days!  Emily and Josh got beautiful new barstools for their new house.  BoomMa and BoomPa got a new GPS (nicknamed "Bert") because their previous GPS ("Bev") was older than their two grandkids... combined. :)

Ledger must have been very nice this year, because he sure had a lot of presents under the tree!  From BoomMa and BoomPa, he got a lawn tool set including a chainsaw, lawn mower, weed wacker, and leaf blower.  He loved it!  He even insisted on wearing the safety goggles and work gloves.  :)  He got a marching drum set from Emmy and Josh and enjoyed doing his own marching parade around the house.  It's a good thing Kinley is such a good sleeper (during the day).

Trying to figure out how to get batteries into all of these tools.

Get my gloves on, BoomPa!!

Drum, drum, drum.

Watch out trees -- Ledger is coming for you.

Kinley just laid there and watched her cousin Ledger play with his toys.
That evening, we went to a Japanese steakhouse for our family Christmas dinner.  It took a while for Ledger to relax around the "fire", but he was plied with edamame and white rice. :)  At the end of the meal, we all took our turns trying to catch shrimp in our mouths.  Emily (by far) caught the most.  Enjoy the gratuitous "open mouth" collage. :)

Thank you to the Powell and Perkins families for another wonderful family celebration.  We are so happy to welcome Kinley for her first Christmas this year.  We love you and hope you had as much fun this weekend as we did!

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