Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ledger is a big boy. Sorta.

Ledger finally pooped in the potty today!!  We are so proud of this big step.  As a reward, he got a coveted black Lego Ninja.  Here he is showing off his prize!

Go figure.  After a great start to the day by pooping in the potty, he proceeded to pee in his pants at preschool, at Dillons, and THREE times at Grandma Jamie's house.  He also pooped in his pants at Grandma Jamie's house.  So in the evening, we discussed (again) how important it is to tell a grown up when you need to go potty so that we can get him to a toilet.

He got to go to Walmart with Daddy to pick out his special Lego set prize that Daddy has been promising him for 3 months -- any set he wants.  (Yes, Mommy was a little wary of this because it's basically writing a blank check for the kid... but we're getting a little desperate for him to poop.)  Our whole family enjoyed dinner at Chili's (Ledger's fav) and had soup which was perfect for the chilly weather.  When we got home, Ledger got a new set of BATMAN PJs from Oma for his accomplishment and a care package from BoomMa and BoomPa with a Lego watch and these miniature superhero figures.  Basically, Christmas came early for our big boy.  He was very proud.
Mommy put together the Bat-cycle that was included in the set..

Ledger's big Lego set is a Batcave.  It took Daddy more than an hour to assemble it.

Batman jammies from Oma and Doodah.

And for the record, he pottied in the potty three times at our house that night.  No more poop, though.

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