Friday, July 5, 2013

Firework Fun Time

This 4th of July was a little different as we were trying to be in multiple places at once.  We were happy to have the Perkins and Guy families both join us at the lake -- it's been a while since we've all been together! As with tradition, we shot off fireworks at Great-Grammie's house in Lindsborg.  Ledger is at a fun age where he follows around the big kids and wants to do everything they are doing.  As long as there is some adult supervision around, that's OK with me!

Check out that big stack of fireworks!!

Jonas and Ledger -- cousins goofin' off before the action starts. 

We had to buy the "Cybertron" transformers firework as soon as we saw it for sale.

Miss Kinley's ornery grin!

Great Grammie and Tommy taking "shelter" on the porch.

Ledger and Daddy lighting a firework.... 
Run!  It's lit...

.... watching it do it's thing.

Ledger, Jonas, and Daddy shooting off a day parachute...

Which Ledger chased down and got the day chute!

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