Monday, July 29, 2013

Ledger Goes to Tulsa

Ledger spent a long weekend with BoomMa and BoomPa all by himself!  On Thursday, I met BoomPa in Bramen, OK and dropped off the big kid to spend the weekend away.  Of course, they planned lots of activity and did a great job of sending me pictures and texts regularly.  Ledger LOVED the one-on-one attention and when he came home, he talked about all of the fun things they had done.  They went to Incredible Pizza and played games.  They went to a Tulsa Drillers game with cousins Petyon and Carson. They even went to the Tulsa Children's Museum.  I'm proud of what a big kid he's become and BoomMa and BoomPa said he behaved very well!
Ledger LOVES his BoomPa

Bed of Nails at Tulsa Children's Museum

Peyton, Carson, and Ledger headed to the Tulsa Driller's baseball game.

Driller's fan!

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  1. So glad you made time to catch up your posts! Looking forward to reading them all! (This was a fun weekend for all of us. Thank you for meeting BoomPa and letting us have him all to ourselves!)