Thursday, December 10, 2009

KISS Concert

Thursday afternoon, we drove to Kansas City's Sprint Center to see the KISS: Alive 35 tour.  Chris is a big KISS fan and has seen them in concert a number of times before, but I am not a KISS fanatic.  Sure, I like "Rock and Roll All Night" and some of their other top hits, but I certainly can't have an in-depth discussion about their catalog and multiple albums and tours.  Chris really loves seeing live music and insisted I go see KISS because they put on such a fantastic show -- with lights and pyro and ziplines and theatrics, oh my! :)

I can honestly say that I'm really glad we went!  I enjoyed driving down there with our friends, Brandon, Shawn, and Damon -- the conversation was hilarious.  The show was great -- very entertaining.  I mean, the costumes alone are enough to keep my attention.  (Where else can you see a 60-year-old man in 7" platform boots and nearly ass-less chaps?!)  But the whole show, I couldn't keep my eyes off of Gene.  I mean, he is KISS for me.  Paul Stanley has the great voice and says some funny stuff, but Gene's stage act is one-of-a-kind.  I'm posting a few pictures on this blog, but if you want to see all 120 pictures, plus a full video of "Rock and Roll All Night", click HERE to go to our picasaweb page.

I also want to say a big THANK YOU to Oma, who stayed home with the little man.  He decided he was not going to be cooperative and didn't go to sleep easily.  While he was in the crib, he actually pulled himself up to standing!  Time to lower the crib mattress!!

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  1. You guys crack me up!! Im so glad you got some sans baby time and had fun. Gene is my favorite too, but I have no clue about KISS.