Friday, December 11, 2009

Ledger's First Santa Pictures

Taking your screaming, "stranger-danger" child to sit on the lap of a stranger in the mall is a time-honored Christmas tradition.  But, for those of you without kids, those cute little photos are PRICEY!!  So we've been waiting for a "free Santa pics" event -- and today was the day!  Our Parents As Teachers program hosted a Christmas day at the mall where the kids could take free pictures with Santa, ride the Christmas train, and even get complimentary pretzel bites from the Pretzel Maker.  Best-of-all, since it was a Heartland Programs event, it didn't take much convincing for me to get Oma to join us for the fun!  Ledger did great with Santa.  He studied him really hard, but he didn't cry and he didn't yank that poor man's beard!  For me, that's a successful Santa sitting! :)


  1. Too cute...I'm happy there wasn't any tears in either of their eyes! (Santa's beard does look a little frayed!) LU, Mil

  2. That's such a cute picture, I love the look on Ledger's face. Congrats on having such a cute kiddo!