Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ledger's Log: 7 Months Old


Today, Ledger is 7 months old!  I can't believe it!  Somehow, 7 months old seems so much older than 6 months -- I think it's because he is officially closer to 1 year old than he his to being newborn.  How fast they grow.  In the last month, Ledger has had his first parade, first Thanksgiving, and has been through his first funeral.  All of those events meant that he met lots of family members and was passed from person-to-person.  He is especially tolerant of meeting new people and letting anyone hold him.  Here are some of the developments in the last month:
  • He loves being at child care and playing with his little "buddies".  
  • He is more mobile now and can move himself a lot (more than you would think is possible) by rolling and slithering backwards on his belly.  We are working on teaching him how to move forwards!  
  • Ledger still doesn't like eating solid foods much, but we keep trying.  
  • He is suddenly laughing more often -- we don't have to work so hard to get a giggle from our boy.  He thinks that sneezing and blowing raspberries are particularly hilarious.
  • He is still wearing clothes sized 6-9 months but he is so tall that he can only fit into 9 month footie pajamas now.
We are really looking forward to Ledger's first Christmas and New Year's and spending time with all of our family.  :)  Love, CKL


  1. Cute! We have that same green outfit and Ronan is wearing it right now. I can't believe how big and handsome he is :) Love it.

  2. That's our Boom-baby! 7-months old does seem big...I loved it when I caught him smiling at me while he was here! He's the BEST! Hug and kiss him for us, love, boom-ma and boom-pa!