Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ledger's First Christmas

Santa's Little Helper

Ledger's first Christmas was a great one!  We woke up Christmas morning and had family breakfast.  I tried to make Christmas tree pancakes, but they look like vaguely-triangle-shaped blobs.  So we had snowman pancakes instead.  Hey, maybe that will be a new family tradition.

After breakfast, we opened the few presents we had for Ledger under the tree -- a choo choo train from Mommy and Daddy and a Gumball Machine toy from the Guy family.  He really enjoyed playing with his new toys.

At noon, we headed over to Grammie and Grandpa Michel's house to have a family lunch.  Grammie made a full turkey dinner with all of the fixin's.  We all really enjoyed it.  We took out the NEW camera that we just got for Christmas and snapped some cute pictures of Ledger after lunch.

(This picture is funny because he thought it was hilarious to grab onto the camera strap while Mommy was trying to take a picture!)

After lunch, we drove to Lindsborg for the Peterson family's annual celebration.  We arrived just before the chaos of the kids present exchange.  It is truly a tribute to the organizational skills of the adults and the patience and good-natured attitude of all of the kids that participate still leave with a smile on their face -- even when the 14 year old boy leaves with a bucket full of "jewelry making" supplies.  Not to be outdone, the adults had their annual exchange as well.  I was the 2nd person to pick, and my gift was a make-up goody bag (yay!) with a terrible "Chiquita Banana" hat.  Of course, I didn't end up with the hat, but it seems like everyone enjoyed wearing it.

We left Lindsborg and came back to Salina to enjoy an evening of cards with the Michel family.  We taught them "Shit on Your Neighbor" and "Aggrivation" and then tried the new card deck game called "Monopoly Deal".  We had a good time and everyone laughed a lot.  Just how Christmas should be: fun with family! :)

As I said before, it's just not the holidays unless someone gets sick.  Ledger started us off by getting pink eye the day before Christmas Eve.  Luckily the eye drops cleared that up pretty quickly.  But starting Christmas Eve night, I started feeling a little under-the-weather.  By Christmas night, Chris was feeling bad too.  So the Michel family has pretty much been in quarantine since then.  We all have a cough and sore throat with some drainage.  Chris has some body aches and my voice is completely gone.  I have had to go back to work this week, but communicating with clients has been a real challenge.  :)  Since Chris is still off of work this week, he has been home with Ledger, resting and trying to get healthy again.

The holidays have been great, but as always, have gone by too fast! :)


  1. I vote for the snowman pancakes tradition! Sorry you all got sick but happy to hear your holiday was packed with great memories! PS Tell that 14 year old boy, some of the famous jewelry makers are MEN and those skills maybe a great GIRL catcher! Love you!

  2. LOVE The pictures from the new camera!!! I see you got the Canon? Your going to LOVE IT!!!! Now you will need a terra bite back up or use a back up system online because you will take TONS of pictures. We are up to about 5,000 for just the lap top and 10,000 on the desk top. Crazy. Sorry your feeling bad. That always sucks when it makes its way through the family. Hope you feel better soon. Love you.

  3. Actually, we DID get a 1TB external hard drive. That was Grammie and Grandpa Michel's gift to ME! :)